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That depends on the cost per pound. It weighs 4,409,240,000 pounds. (rounded)

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Q: How much is 2 million metric tons?
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How much carbon dioxide do animals produce?

Some animals produce different amounts of carbon dioxide. insects, use 6 billion metric tons. humans, use only about 2 million metric tons. I bet another animal has 4 million metric tons, and another probably has 7. There you go. Answered.

How many metric tons are in 2 tons?

A ton is equal to 0.907185 metric tons. So the conversion would be 1.81437 metric tons.

How much carbon dioxide is released into the air by cars daily?

In the US alone cars released 314 million metric tons in 2004. The rest of the world is about the same amount all together because they don't drive as far or as much as we do. By those rates its almost 2 million metric tons a day.

How many metric tons is in 13000 kilograms?

1,000 kilograms = 1 metric ton 2,000 kilograms = 2 metric tons 3,000 kilograms = 3 metric tons 4,000 kilograms = 4 metric tons . . . 13,000 kilograms = 13 metric tons

How much is 2 metric tons :')?

4,000 Lbs 2,000 LBS/ ton

How many pounds is 2 tons?

4000 lbs in 2 short tons 4,409 lbs in 2 metric tons

How much cement does the US produce?

Production of portland and masonry cement in the United States, excluding Puerto Rico, increased by 2% to 86.4 million metric tons in 2017.

What is the main place tomatoes are grown?

Tomatoes are grown in following places: 1-Tomatoes are widely cultivated across China. 2-The United States produced 14 million metric tons of tomatoes 3- India produced 10 million metric tons of tomatoes.

How much silver has ever been mined?

2 million tons

How much is two billion metric tons?

All of the cement produced in the world in one year is about 2 billion metric tons. This is also the approximate mass of a teaspoon of a neutron star.

5 metric tons is equal to how many kilograms?

1 metric ton = 1,000 kilograms 2 netric tons = 2,000 kilograms . . 5 metric tons = 5,000 kilograms

How many metric tons are in 2 million barrels of oil?

A barrel of crude oil contains 42 US gallons and each gallon of crude oil weighs about 7 pounds. Two million barrels contains 84 million US gallons of crude oil weighing about 588,000,000 pounds. One metric ton is equal to 2,240 pounds, so:588,000,000 pounds / 2,240 = about 262,500 metric tons in 2 million barrels

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