How much is 3 dollars plus tax?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Depends how much the tax is. If it were 7 percent, multiple 7 (cents) by 3 and add it to 3 dollars. It would be $3.21.

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Q: How much is 3 dollars plus tax?
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a one pound bag costs about 3-5 dollars plus tax.

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It's was $4.49 when i went there to get it.on sales i got duck tape there for 3 dollars plus tax.

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$0.13 cents per $1 Dollar... $13 Dollars per $100... $13 x 3 represents ($300) = $39... $299.99 plus tax Canadian would be $338.99...It is $1 Cent short to $39 Dollars because 0.99 Cents plus tax is only $0.1287 which is $0.12 Cents... Hope this help!

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Yes you do, the price for it in modern day 2011 is 29.95 American dollars, plus tax.

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If an item cost 50 dollars and the sales tax is 6 percent how much will the total be?

6 % = 6 for each 100 means 3 for 50 So 50 dollars + 6% = 50 dollars + 3 dollars = 53 dollars.

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