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Many countries refer to the word billion as 10^9, (or 1 thousand times 1 million), but some countries refer to 'billion' as million x million (10^12)

In the United States, it is 10^9, so you would have 4.4 x 10^9 = 4,400,000,000

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Q: How much is 4.4 billion?
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about 44 billion in todays standards

How much was JP Morgan worth?

about 44 billion american dollars

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From what Ihave read, the olympic games are approx $44 billion?

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$44 billion

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4.4 x 1010

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44 billion

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How much is 3 thirds of a billion?

3/3 of a billion = billion

How much in 1 billion?

1 billion

Billion is equal to how much?

A billion = 1,000,000,000.

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How much is one billion dollars in euro?

For 1 billion euros you need 1.5 billion dollars. For 1 billion dollars you need 0.666 billion euros.

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1 billion is how much?

One billion = 1,000,000,000

How much is 1.3 billion?

1.3 billion is 1,300,000,000

How much is 60 percent in 30 billion?

60% of 30 billion = 30*60/100 billion = 18 billion

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a billion pounds is a million million. so a trillion is a billion billion. 1 trillion equals 1,000,000,000,000

Marlin 1894A 44 mag in fair condition and want to know what it is worth?

a billion dollars