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4 thousand dollars.

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Q: How much is 80 thousand nickels in dollars?
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How much money is 80 nickels?

4 dollars.

How much is 80 nickels?

400 cents, or 4 dollars.

How many nickels in four dollars?

There are 20 nickels in 1 dollar. 4 times 20 is 80. So, there are 80 nickels in 4 dollars.

How many nickels are in 4 dollars?

Since there are 20 nickels per dollar, there are 80 in 4 dollars.

How many dollars are in 80 nickels?

4 of them.

How much money is 80 grand?

80 grand is the same as eighty thousand dollars. $80,000.

How much is a Wimbledon trophy worth?

It's worth 80 thousand dollars

How many nickels are in 4 billion dollars?

One dollar has 20 nickels, so $4 billion contains 80 billion nickels.

How many dollars is 80 nickels?

Ok, so each nickel is 5 cents, and there are 100 cents in a dollar, and 100 divided by 5 is 20, so there are 20 nickels in a dollar and 80 divided by 20 is 4 so 80 nickels are 4 dollars, or 400 cents. Hope this helps!

How many nickels are in four dollars?

80 :) Two nickels in 10 cents, which means 20 in 1 dollar. Multiply that by 4 and we get 80.

What is 80 percent of 16 thousand dollars?

$16,000 x 80% = $12,800

4 dollars in nickels is how many?

eighty 4.00 / 0.05 = 80

Pat has 5 dollars and 80 cents in nickels and dimes If there are 73 coins in all how many of them are dimes?

43 dimes and 30 nickels

How much money do Wisconsin Teachers make annually?

Between 75 and 80 thousand dollars a year.

How much do interior designers earn?

They earn roughly between 70 and 80 thousand dollars per year

What is 10 percent of 14 million 80 thousand dollars?


What 6 dollars 16 nickels and 42 pennies equal?

16 nickels equal 80 cents plus 42 cents equals 122 cents so the final answer is 7 dollars and 22 cents

How much money does a nurse makes?

The amount of money a nurse makes depends on what type of nursing they do as well as how much education and experience they have. On average a nurse can expect a salary of approximately 42 thousand dollars. It can go up to over 80 thousand dollars as well.

How much is 80 thousand New Zealand dollars?

ure mum fkin new zealand shih face by guled ahahaha

How much money in 80 nickels?

A nickel is 5 cents so 80 of them are worth 80*5 = 400 cents, or $4.

How much is 80 dollars into pounds?

$80 is £65.93

How much does a railroad conductor earn in Canada?

There is no set limit to who much a railroad conductor will earn in Canada. Railroad conductors can earn as much as 80 thousand dollars a year.

What is 80 percent of two thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars?


How many nickels are in 4.00?

Each nickel is worth 5 cents. There are 100 cents in each dollar, so 4 dollars would be 400 cents. 400 divided by 5 = 80 nickels.

How much does an antique stoneware crock cost?

An antique stoneware crock cost varies in price. The price starts at about 80 dollars and the highest will be in thousands of dollars worth. All the way up to ten thousand dollars.