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8/10 of an inch is the same as 4/5 of an inch or .8 inches

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Q: How much is 8 tenths of an inch?
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How much is eight tenths of an inch?

8/10" is roughly .067'

How much is nine tenths of an inch?

Nine tenths of an inch = Nine tenths of an inch, or 90% of an inch. Or did you mean to ask what is nine tenths of an inch in 8ths, or 16ths, or . . . .

How many tenths in 8 feet?

There are 80 tenths-of-a-foot in 8 feet. But this measurement is rarely used. There are 800 tenths of an inch, also rarely used.

How many tenths are in 2 inches?

There are ten tenths in an inch. Therefore, 2 inches would have 20 tenths.

How do you convert inches into tenths?

how much is a .10 of an inch

How many tenths of an inch is one eighth of an inch?

1.25 tenths of an inch.

How many centimeters in one and half inch?

3 and 8 tenths

How do you write one inch into tenths of an inch?

One inch is ten tenths of an inch

How do you convert eights of an inch to tenths of an inch?

Every eighth is 11/4 tenths. Multiply eighths of an inch by 1.25 to get the same length in tenths of an inch.

What is 7 tenths of a inch?

7 tenths of an inch is just 7 tenths of an inch (7/10) or another way 0.7" or 17.77mm

How do you write half an inch in tenths?

five tenths of an inch (5/10)

What is nine tenths of an inch in 8ths?

7.2 / 8 or just a smidge over 7/8 (seven 8ths)

How many tenths of a inch are in a inch?


How many tenths in a inch?

There are ten tenths in anything.

How much is 8 inch?


How many tenths of an inch in a foot?

There 12 inches to a foot, so 120 tenths of an inch to a foot.

How many eights of an inch are in seven tenths?

8*7/10 = 56/10 = 5.6 eighths

How do you do tenths to inches?

The question does not make sense unless you specify tenths of what! Tenths of a mile, tenths of a foot, tenths of an inch, tenths of a micrometre etc.

What does 8 tenths equal?

8 tenths = 0.8

How many 8 units in 80 tenths?

80 tenths is 8, so there one 8 in 8 tenths.

What is the place value of the 8 in 31.83?


How many tenths are in a inch?


How many tenths in an inch?

Ten of them.

What is two tenths of an inch?


How to Convert mm to tenths of an inch?

1 inch equals 25.4mm