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Unfortunately the monetary symbol has been stripped from the question making teh source currency unknown (using three letter abbreviations like EUR and USD would prevent this problem). I'm guessing it was either € (EUR) or $ (USD).

The exchange rate constantly fluctuates (though most "tourist" exchanges offer rates fixed for a day which are worse than the "official" rate), so I'll use the current "official" exchange rates (18/08/15 at 09:10):

1€ = £0.711268 → 9.11 € ≈ £6.48

$1 = £0.641442 → $9.11 ≈ £5.84

As a tourist, expect to get less than the above if exchanging cash; if buying over the internet expect to pay more than the above.

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Q: How much is 9.11 in English money?
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