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Q: How much is 90 nickels?
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If i have 7dimes and 4 nickels how much money do i have?

how much money is 7dimes and 4nickeis

How many dollars is 1800 nickels?

90 dollars. There are 20 nickels in a dollar so 1800 nickels = 1800/20 dollars

How much is 18 nickels?

90 cents

Can quarters and nickels make 90 cents?

You can make 90 cents with three quarters and three nickels. (3 x 25) + (3 x 5) = 90 cents.

How much is 90 rolls of nickels which has 25 rolls each?

Assuming you mean each roll has 25 coins, 90 rolls would be $112.50.

How much is 2.75 in nickels?

55 nickels

How much is 621 pennies and 40 nickels and 90 dimes and 8 quarters?

621 pennies and 40 nickels and 90 dimes and 8 quarters is: $13.62

Are Canadian nickels from the 1920s worth much?

how much are nickels from the twenties worth

How much does 30000 nickels weight?

How many dollar's in 30.000 nickels

How much is a roll of nickels?

A roll of nickels is equal to $2.00 or 40 nickels.$2

How much money is 56 nickels?

56 nickels is $2.80

How much is 10000 nickels?

10000 nickels would be worth: $500

How much money is 117 nickels?

There are 20 nickels to a dollar. 117 nickels equal 5 dollars 17 nickels.

How much does a roll of nickels cost?

There are 40 nickels or $2 worth of nickels in a roll, so at the bank a roll of nickels costs $2

How much does a bank box of nickels cost?

One bank box of nickels is $100, which is 2,000 nickels.

3.6 million nickels is how much money in dollars?

How much is 3.6 million nickels in dollars

How many pounds in a roll of nickels?

A roll (40 coins) of U.S. nickels weighs less than a half pound. 90 nickels equals a little more than one pound.

How much dollars is 100 nickels?

100 nickels is 5 dollars^-^

How much nickels are in one dollor?

There are 20 nickels in 1 dollar.

How much money is 7000 in nickels?

350 dollars is 7000 nickels.

How much is 500000000 nickels?

500 million nickels, at 20 nickels per dollar, is $25 million, or $25,000,000.

How much is 63 nickels worth?

How much are 63 nickels worth?63 nickels are worth US$3.15.

How much is 19 nickels?

One nickels is worth 5 cents so 19 nickels are worth 95 cents.

How many nickels are in 90 dollars?

A nickel is 5 cents so there are 20 in a dollar (100/5 = 20). Then $90 = 90*20 = 1800 coins.

How much is four nickels?

four nickels is 0 dollars and 20 cents.