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The numeric value is 25000.

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Q: How much is BDT 25000 in numeric value?
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How much do a iPod cost in Bangladeshi currency?

you can get a ipod touch 4g for anything between 18455 (BDT) ip to 31005 (BDT)

When was BDT AG created?

BDT AG was created in 1967.

What is BDT AG's population?

The population of BDT AG is 500.

What does bdt mean?

BDT means "Buffer Descriptor" in the USB jargon

What is the gnp rate of Bangladesh?

Gross National Product in Bangladesh increased to 9350.98 BDT Billion in 2016 from 8784.10 BDT Billion in 2015. Gross National Product in Bangladesh averaged 4857.52 BDT Billion from 2003 until 2016, reaching an all time high of 9350.98 BDT Billion in 2016 and a record low of 2483.46 BDT Billion in 2003

What value of currency representing points in Dhaka stock exchange?

Stock Bond costing 500 and 1000 BDT

What does the medical abbreviation BDT mean?

BDT stands for Bone Density Testing, or it could mean Basophil Degranulation Test.

How much price of Sony Ericsson Vivaz in bangladeshi market?

BDT. 16,900 /= (6 May, 2012)

How much does the Mazda rx8 cost in Bangladesh?

Used Type S versions start from 1,800,000 BDT (approx. 23,000 USD) Used Type E versions start from 1,400,000 BDT (approx 18,000 USD)

What is the currency of Bangaldesh?

Taka (BDT)

How much is 500000 taka in pound?

500,000 Bangladesh taka (BDT) is equal to 4404.41 Great Britain Pounds (GBP).

Is 932 divisible by 3?


How much money in Bangladesh is 27000 US dollars?

1 USD now in May 2017 is 95 BDT. So 27000 multiplied by 95 is your answer: 2,565,000.

What is the price of bangladesh samsung galuxy y?

BDT : 12990

What is the price of gold per gram in Dhaka Bangladesh?

57000 BDT

What is the minimum mobile phone usage of a GP STAR Customer?

Bdt 501

What is Bangladesh's currency called?

BDT this is the abbreviation for The Bangladesh Taka.

What is the airport code for Gbadolite Airport?

The airport code for Gbadolite Airport is BDT.

What does bdt stand in regarding HDTV?

BDT is the prefix for Panasonic Blu-Ray disc players. It isn't an acronym of any standard, but probably stands for Blu-ray Disc Theater.

Where can one find more information about the Bluefield Daily Telegraph?

One can get more information about Bluefield Daily Telegraph from: BDT Online, BDT Facebook Official Page, Z Wire, Reference, News Paper Archives, Twitter, Wikipedia, The Paperboy, Yellow Pages.

What can you buy for 70 BDT in Bangladesh?

7 packs of safety match boxes (inside 30 sticks)

What is the price of psp 2000 in bangladesh?

175.00 USD = 14,375.46 BDT0.0122 US dollars = 1 Bangladeshi takaso all in all it looks like more in BDT then USD

Convert 29.99 euro to bangladeshi taka?

Multiply 29.99 by 87. One Euro is BDT 87 on June o6, 2017

Currency of Bangladesh have?

I'm not sure what the question is, but the currency of Bangladesh is the Bangladesh taka (BDT). One taka is the same as 0.01 US dollars.

What is price of PS3 in Bangladesh?

Play Station 3 is not that costly anymore. PS4 worths more. PS3 new costs 2000 BDT