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Q: How much is a bernina 1260 worth?
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How much is your bernina virtuosa 160 worth?

I don't know how long ago you asked this question but if you'd like a current value on your Bernina Virtuosa 150 QE machine, please go to a sewing store that specializes in selling Bernina machines. Ask them your question as they have a blue book. This book will give you the current trade in, and selling value. I hope this helps

How much is a Singer Bernina Model 93220 worth?

Whatever a the person you're selling it will pay.

What is Bernina District's population?

Bernina District's population is 1,822.

What kinds of products does Bernina produce?

Bernina produces sewing machines.

What year was the Bernina Bernette 705 manufactured?

My Bernina 700 was purchased new in Germany in 1965.

Is Bernina 220 sewing machine made by Bernina or is it outsourced to another manufacturer?

The Bernina 220 is made in China in a Bernina factory. Which means it is a factory built by and owned by Bernina. The 220 features the same quality Bernina is famous for. The Bernina Activa 220 is NOT built in China. It is manufactured in a Bernina-built factory in Thailand, opened by Hans-Peter Ueltschi personally. Unlike Singer, Viking, and so many others, these machines have strict quality control and strive to equal the full-size Swiss-made machines.

What is the area of Bernina District?

The area of Bernina District is 237.3 square kilometers.

What is the population of Bernina Sewing Machine?

Bernina Sewing Machine's population is 1,097.

What is 3 percent of 1260?

3% of 1260 = 3% * 1260 = 0.03 * 1260 = 37.8

What is 30 percent of 1260?

30% of 1260= 30% * 1260= 0.3 * 1260= 378

When was Bernina Suot - Rhaetian Railway station - created?

Bernina Suot - Rhaetian Railway station - was created in 1909.

When was Bernina Diavolezza - Rhaetian Railway station - created?

Bernina Diavolezza - Rhaetian Railway station - was created in 1910.