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Q: How much is a billion billions?
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HOW MUCH Billions they have?

it can go from 1 billion to as many billions but then u can say it as billions but its ry trillins or higher

How much is 10515 in billions?

10515 = 0.000010515 billion.

How much is 2 percent of 30 billions?

6 billion

How much is 3000 million in billions?

3,000 million equals three (3) billion.

How much lac in one billions?

1 billion = 10000 lakhs

How much is 1305 million in billions?

1,305 million = 1.305 billion

How many billions in a trilion?

A billion billion.

How much is 1.3 million dollars in billions?

$1.3 million = $0.0013 billion

Is it a few billion or a few billions?

a few billion

What is 0.9 billion in billions?

It is nine tenths of a billion.

How much money 40 billions in bangladeshi taka?

Exactly 40 billion taka!

About how much money does Disney World make a year?

About billions maybe 10 billion

How many tens are there in billions?

One hundred million in ONE billion. In billions, depends on how many billions.

What is 500000000 in billions?

Half Billion

What is the plural of billion?

The plural is billions.

How much billion are equal to 1 million?

a billion is more than a million. One thousand millions go into a billion. So, .001 Billions are equal to 1 million.

How many billions is 6.02x1023rd power?

Assuming the American billion (of a thousand millions), 6.02 x 1023 (Avogadro's Number) = 6.02 x 1014 billions, or 602000 billion billions.

How many billions form a trillion?

1000 billions equal a trillion but in the olden days it was a billion billions that equal a trillion.

How many billions are in a million?

1 Billion is equal to 1000 Millions 1 Million is equal to 0.001 Billion Hence, there are 0.001 Billions in a Million. 10 Millions = 0.01 Billions 500 Millions = 0.5 Billions 1250 Millions = 1.25 Billions Read More...

How many billions are in 100 billion?

100 of them.

What is 1500000000 in billions?

1.5 billion

What is 17238 million in billions?

It is 17.238 billion.

What is next to ten billions?

hundred billion

How many billions is 145000000?

It is 0.145 billion.

What is 5600 million in Billions?

5.6 billion