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Q: How much is a half ball of crack?
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How much for a eight ball of crack?

It cost $100 dollars for crack depends how good it is and who its from

How much for a eight-ball of crack?

It cost $100 dollars for crack depends how good it is and who its from

How much for a half b of crack?


How many grams is in a 8 ball of crack?

An 8 ball of crack typically weighs around 3.5 grams.

What does half and half mean on a composite bat?

half and half means that the bat is made of both graphite and aluminum they will never hurt your hands when you hit the ball and the sweet spot will be larger but when you try to bunt there is a slight chance to crack the bat because the bat needs to be put ing more force into the ball than the ball is putting into the bat

How much crack did Charlie Sheen smoke?

enough to kill two and a half man

What is 7 grams of crack called?

7 grams of crack is 1/4 ounce. In fact, 7 grams of anything is 1/4 ounce. In the pea-brained world of crack use, 7 grams does not have a special cool designation, it is just a quarter ounce. However, 3.2 grams is called an 8-ball, and 1.6 grams is usually referred to as half a B, or half an 8-ball. This is based on the typical $40-piece which is .4 of a gram, so 8 of these is 3.2 grams and therefore referred to as an 8-ball. If you are a crack user, you won't have understood a word of this.

Price of an eight ball?

an eight ball usually goes for around $170 - $200. Are they talking about an eight ball - dope (i.e. crack?) or an eight ball in pool? An eight ball in dope was about $150 - $175. I have NO idea how much a pool eight ball is.

Why do they call an 8 ball of crack an 8 ball?

Because it's an eighth of an ounce

How much crack can a crackhead crack if a crackhead could crack crack?


What is a half ball called?

A half ball is called a hemisphere.


Slang for the stereotype plumber with half their rear end crack showing while they work