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A penny is 0.065 of an inch.

So there is about 974,770 pennies in a mile.

A light year is about 5.87849981 × 10^12 miles

So there would be 5.7301852597937 x 10^18 pennies in a light year

Or better still £5.7 quintillion

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Q: How much is a light year stack of pennies?
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You have 50 pounds of pennies how much is this worth for the copper?

This will depend upon the year of the pennies, because the make-up of pennies is not only copper and has changed over the years.

How much does Wendy's make in a year?

2 pennies since its fatty food

How much will you have if you saved a penny every day for a year?

365 pennies = $3.65

How much is year 2000 pennies?

A penny from 2000 is worth one cent.

How much do trash men make a year?

for 7 pennies a year, you can feed a African child. they eat pennies! for more information, go to www.mike thanks for watching!

How much is a Irish penny worth?

The value of Irish pennies depends on their condition and year.

What day and year did they stop making pennies?

they still make pennies

How much are 100 year old pennies worth that have Indian heads on them?

WHAT YEARS be more specific..

How much can a 15 year old girl in Malaysia make by working in Starbucks?

Not much more than pennies a day

When did they stop wheat pennies?

The last year that wheat pennies were minted was 1958.

What year pennies are rare?

Mainly 1909 S VDB Penny, and 1955 Double Die, also any Pennies under 1850 can be found of much value.

What is larger a astronomical unit or light year?

A light year is much larger. 1 light year = 63,240 Astronomical Units

How much are Newfoundland pennies worth?

Without knowing the year and condition of the penny, it's impossible to value.

How much are Lincoln pennies worth?

Post a new question and include denomination, condition, mintmark and year.

What year did they stop putting the wheat sign on the back of pennies?

These pennies are called "Wheat Pennies". They were last made in 1958.

Is there a 1959 wheat penny?

No. The last year for wheat pennies was 1958. 1959 was the first year for Lincoln Memorial pennies.

What year were pennies sopped being made?

1815 is the only year U.S. one cent coins (pennies) were not made.

What year was short stack formed?


In astronomy and distances of the universe how much is a ly?

A light year is the distance that light can travel in a year.

How much is 1 light year in standard form?

The question should be How Long is a light year (in standard form) as a light year is the DISTANCE that light will travel in one year No...I'm not sure what a light year would be in a leap year.

Is a light year is much smaller than an AU?

No. A light year is much larger than an AU, roughly 63,000 AU.

Which is longer a light year or an astronomical unit?

A light year is much bigger, an AU is only about 8 light minutes.1 light year = 63,240 AU

How much km is in light year?

A light year is 9,460,730,472,580.8 km. It is the distance covered by light in one year at the rate of 299,792,458 m/s.

How much is a light year?

A light year is a unit of distance, It is the Distance Which light will Travel in an year This is the largest unit of Distance. 1 light year = 9.4605284 × 1015 meters !!

How many pennies are there on the ground a year?