How much is a litre of milk?

Updated: 11/12/2022
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1000 ml, 100 cl, 34 Fluid oz (US)

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Q: How much is a litre of milk?
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How much is 0 5 l MILK?

0.5 litre is half a litre or 500 millilitres.

How much does 1liter of milk weigh in kg?

i think 1 litre of milk = 0.97kg of milk

How much liter of milk can a cup contain?

a 1/4 litre. A litre is 4 cups of liquid so 1 cup is a fourth litre.

What is the unit of measurement of milk ina glss?


How do you find how many liters ate in 5 gallons?

Hw can milkman give 1 litre milk when he have only 2 beaker of 5 & 2 litre. & he have 25 litre milk in 30 litre cane.

How much milk is required to make 1 kd khoya?

10litres = aproximatly 10.35kg milk makes 1 kg cheese

Why is mL the preferred unit for volume of a liquid?

It is not. I buy milk by the litre, fruit juices by the litre, petrol by the litre. Most pops are sold by the litre.

What is something with a mass of about a kilogram?

a litre of milk

How many cup is 0.9l milk?

0.9 litre of milk is 3.968 cups

1 liter of milk in ml?

A US quart is almost a liter (0.95 of a liter).

What was the price of milk in Australia in 1988?

$1.03 a litre

What are things that are a liter?

A One Litre Milk Carton (Full) but speaking thereotically nothing weighs a Litre, since Litre is a Measure in Volume, not Mass.