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This could happen if two blank planchets got into the press together, causing one to get stamped with only the heads side, and the other to get stamped with only the tails side. This is a relatively rare error, and could be worth $50 to $100 or more. This could also be a normal nickel that somebody has altered. If it weighs significantly less than 5 grams, then I would say that it has been altered and has no added value. You can check out the ANACS website to see if they will be attending any upcoming coin shows in your area, where you can take your coin and get a free professional appraisal :

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Q: How much is a nickel that is blank on the obverse worth?
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How much is a blank nickel worth?

Average value of a nickel planchet is $3.00-$5.00.

How much is a blank Jefferson nickel worth?

Nickel blank planchets can be found on eBay all the time selling for a couple dollars apiece. About the same price as a blank Buffalo Nickel ;>)

How much is a 2005 liberty nickel worth?

It isn't a "Liberty" nickel, the obverse does not depict any personification of Liberty but rather has Thomas Jefferson on the obverse. The coin is in common circulation and unless found in a mint set, is worth no more than 5 cents, the face value.

How much a nickel made in 1803 is worth?

If you can see the 1803 date on the reverse and not the 2004 date on the obverse the coin, it must have a lot of heavy wear. It's just a nickel, spend it. FYI: The first US Nickel was minted in 1866.

How much si a1989 nickel worth?

It is worth a nickel

How much is a 1904 V- nickel worth?

How much is a 1904 victorian nickel worth?

How much is a 1903 V' nickel worth today?

How much is a buffallo nickel worth

How much nickel in nickel ore?

how much is nickel ore worth <><><> Sorry- no one answer. Different ores contain different amonts of nickel- and the more nickel, the more it is worth.

How much is a nickel worth in the US?

In the US, a nickel is worth 5 cents.

How much is 1 nickel worth?

Without further information its worth a nickel.

How much is nickel?

A nickel is worth five cents.

How much money is a nickel worth?

about a nickel.

How much is a 1961 Canadian nickel worth?

It's worth 7 cents for the nickel content.

How much is a 1981 Canadian nickel worth?

im not sure but i think it might be worth a nickel

How much is a block of nickel worth?

It depends on how much nickel is in there. At the time of writing, nickel is $11.13 per pound.

How much is a 1903 liberty head v nickel?

how much is a 1903 nickel worth

How much is a wooden Indian nickel worth?

Nickel is 5 cents

How much is a 1951 nickel worth?

Despite its age, a 1951 nickel is still worth 5 cents.

How much is a 1819 buffalo nickel worth?

A 1819 nickel is worth approximately 100.00 dollars.

How much is 1751-1951 canadian nickel worth-like new?

how much does canadian nickel 1751-1951 is worth

How much is a 1906 v nickel worth?

The value of the 1906 V nickel varies greatly depending on the condition of the coin. This nickel can be worth as much as about 4 dollars depending on its definition.

How much is buffalo nickel 2005 worth?

The 2005 nickel with a buffalo on the reverse is worth exactly 5 cents.

How much is a 1939 nickel or a 1945 nickel worth?

A 1939 Jefferson Nickel in rough condition is worth $0.50 and in perfect condition can be up to $5.50.

How much is a 1910 nickel worth?


How much is a nickel worth?

5 cents