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2 pints minus a half

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Q: How much is a pint and half?
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Related questions

How much is a half of pint of milk?

Half a pint of milk is 8 ounces.

How much is half a pint?

Since a pint is 16 ounces, half a pint is eight ounces. Half a pint is also known as one cup.

How much is one third of a half pint?

That is a no-brainer, - 1/6 of a pint.

How much is half pint?

a cup

How much rum for a half a gallon of eggnog?

A pint

How much is a half of pint?

In the U.S., 200 ml is half a pint.In the UK half a pint is 284 ml.

How much does 1 pint equal a quart?

One pint is one-half of a quart

What does half-pint mean?

A half pint is half of a pint. Half pint also means a short person or someone who is small.

How much is 200ml?

Almost a half-pint.

How much quarts is a pint?

Half of one.

How much is a half of a pint?

1 cup

How much blood does a cat have?

Half a pint

How much is a pint in Germany?

About half a litre.

How much liquid can fit in a pint?

Exactly a pint! Joking aside, a pint is about half a litre, or if you count in US measurements, 16 ounces.

How much is a Half of pint of milk weighs?

8 lbs to a gallon, 1/2 lb to 1/2 pint

How much sperm will fit in a vagina?

half pint

How much is half a pint to ML?

That is about 227 ml.

How much is half a pint of raspberries?

About $2.99 in my grocery

How much is 2 half pints of blueberries?

2 half pints is one pint.

How much is half a quart of milk?

One pint or two cups.

How much of a pint is 250 ml of water?

Around Half Of A Pint, I Think.!.=Hope That Helps..==Regards.,=Kelly..

What two things equal 1 pint?

half a pint and another half a pint.

How many ozs in half pint?

There are 10 fluid ounces in an Imperial half pint. 8 in an American half pint

How much is half pint of milk in metric?

0.28 litres

How much is half a pint of ice cream?

1 cup