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Q: How much is a ruler grams or kilograms?
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Is ruler measured in grams or kilograms?

The mass of a ruler would be measured in grams (g).

What would you use to measure a ruler in grams or kilograms?

three grams

How much is 2712 grams in kilograms?

2712 grams = 2.712 kilograms

How much is 251 grams in kilograms?

251 grams = 0.251 kilograms

How much is 135 kilograms in grams?

135 kilograms is 135,000 grams.

How much grams are in 0.5 kilograms?

0.5 kilograms is equal to 500 grams.

How much is twenty five grams in kilograms?

25 grams is 0.025 kilograms.

How much does 88 kilograms equal to grams?

88 kilograms is 88,000 grams.

How much does a ruler weigh in grams?

a ruler weighs 19 grams

How much is 2085 grams in kilograms?

2.085 kilograms

How much is 25700 grams in kilograms?

25.7 kilograms

How much 7500 grams is the measurement in kilograms?

7,500 grams is equal to 7.5 kilograms.