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The answer is 84 years. A score is a group of 20 items/people/years, etc.

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Q: How much is four score and four years?
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How much is four score in years?

years in 4 score

How much is four score and ten years?

a score is 20 years, so four score and ten years ago would be 90 years

How many years will you get in four score years?

A score is 20, so four-score is 80.

What is the first 6 words of the Gettysburg Address?

Lincoln's Emancipation was proclaimed great honor and contact officicated in glory.

How much is one score in terms of mathematic number and time?

A score in time eans 20 years "four score and seven years ago" means 87

What does four score mean in the Gettysburg address?

A score is twenty years, so 4 score is 80 years and 'four score and seven' means 87 years.

What is the definition of Four Score?

A score is old English for twenty years, so four score would be eighty years.

How many total years are four score 7 years?

A score is 20 years so four score means 80 and add 7 years to that?

What does four score and seven years equal?

One score is 20 years so four score (80) and seven years ago would be 87 years.

How much is four score in seven years?

87The term "score" refers to a unit of twenty years; four score, is 4 20s or 80 years, and 7, is 87 years. 87 years, prior to 1863 (the year the Gettysburg Address, was given.), was 1776, the year of the American Revolution.

What is the word for twenty years?

a score, as in "Four score and seven years..."

Four score and seven from the bible how many years?

A score is twenty years. So four score and seven is (4 X 20) + 7 years or 87 years. However, the usual quote is three score and ten years (70 years) which represented the life expectancy in those days.