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If you cut a whole pie into eight equal pieces one of those pieces is one eighth.

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Q: How much is one eighth of a pie?
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How much is one eighth in math?

One 8 is 1 slice of pizza from the pie 0f 8

Is one eighth a real number?

Yes, it is like taking a pie and cutting it into eight slices. You only ate one slice. Therefore, you ate one eighth of the pie. Yes. One eighth is a positive number, a rational number and a real number.

What is one eighth of a circle called?

A slice (Pie) Octant

How much is an eighth of pot?

3.5 grams. One-eighth of one ounce

What is bigger an eighth or a sixth?

a sixth, think of a pie, if you divide a pie into 6 sections, and take one that is a sixth. If you divide the same sixe pie into 8 sections, one slice is one eight, and it is smaller than a sixth.

Would one half be listed first in fractions from least to greatest?

Probably not, because for example if you had two identical pies, pie A and pie B. Pie A was divided into eight pieces, and Pie B was divided into two pieces. If you were to eat on piece of Pie A, one eighth; that would be less than a piece of pie B, one half.

Is one eighth greater than one fifth?

Nope. Think of it this way. Which is bigger, a piece from a pie cut into eight pieces, or a piece cut from a pie that was cut into five pieces?

How much larger is one-fourth than one eighth?

One forth is twice as large as one eighth. One forth divided by two is one eighth, and one eighth times two is one forth.

How much is one-eighth?


How much does one eighth equal?


What is one eighth teaspoon plus one eighth teaspoon equals?

One eighth plus one eighth is one fourth.

How much is one eighth of an ounce?

3.5 grams

How much is one eighth of a penny?

Half a farthing.

How much is one eighth of a magnum?

a snipe, or split

How much salt is in a bowl of cornflakes?

One eighth

How do you find out how much Indian blood you have?


How much is one eighth of ounce?

That is 0.125 ounce.

How much is one-eighth of a tablespoon?

it is 1.875 ml.

How much is one eighth of a million?


Is two eighth small than one eighth?

no. obviously there are two one eighth to make one two eighth

How much pie can one person eat?

It depends on the person, some people could eat as much pie as the sun in big, and there are some who don't eat pie at all.

What is one minus one eighth?

one minus one eighth is equal to seven eighths

How much brandy do you put in one glass of eggnog?

one eighth of a glass

How much more is three eighths than one fourth?

one eighth

How much does an eighth of marijuana weigh?

it weighs one ounce