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"fold" in this case means "times". So, "hundredfold" is "a hundred times".

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Q: How much is one hundred fold?
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Is 100 fold the same as to the power of 100?

No. 100 fold means times one hundred.

How much is one hundred thousand divided by one hundred?


How much is two hundred thousand?

It is twice as much as one hundred thousand.

Is the word fold a noun?

The word 'fold' is both a noun (fold, folds) and a verb (fold, folds, folding, folded). Examples:noun: I found my ring in the fold of the bedspread.verb: We had to fold and staple a hundred flyers for mailing.More example sentences for the noun 'fold':There was a fold in my pants.You've entered the fold.He chose a fold as his maneuver.

How much is one hundred thousand dollars?

it's one hundred thousand $.

How much is nineteen hundred?

One thousand and nine hundred.

How much is 100126800000?

one hundred billion one hundred twenty six million eight hundred thousand

How much zeros are there in one hundred million?

There are 9 zeros in one-hundred million

How much is one hundred baisa?

one hundred baisa to sri lankan rupees

How much is 100x 100 fold?

It is 10,000 fold.

How much is 1100000 in words?

One million, one hundred thousand.

How much is 110949100 in words?

One hundred ten million, nine hundred forty-nine thousand, one hundred.

How much do you get for a benefit?

one hundred

How much is 301139947?

Three hundred one million, one hundred thirty nine thousand, nine hundred forty seven

How much is 100400.00?

The numeral 100,400.00 is "one hundred thousand, four hundred" (and no hundredths). The US currency value $100,400.00 is "one hundred thousand, four hundred dollars" (and no cents).

How much are ammeters?

they are anywhere from 20 bucks to over a hundred or two. i would go with one around one hundred, you can get a fluke or blue(snap-on) one for that much

How much is 100000000?

its one hundred million

How much is 100000?

One hundred thousand.

How much is a hundred rupees in dollars?


How much is 1601298218 in words?

One billion, six hundred one million, two hundred ninety-eight thousand, two hundred eighteen.

How much is one hundred pounds of one hundred dollar bills?

a lot of money

How much is a gold plated hundred dollar bill worth?

One hundred dollars

How much is this 435113?

four hundred thirty five thousand and one hundred thirteen

How much is 170 tens?

seventeen hundred or one thousand seven hundred or 1,700

When a spherical cell increases in diameter from 2um to 20 um by what factor does its surface area change?

The surface area will increase one hundred fold.