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Q: How much is one third of a piece of paper?
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How much does one piece of paper weigh?

Depends on the size and quality of the paper.

How much water is use to make one piece of paper?

One gallon of water

How much oxygen does one piece of paper give us?

None. It's an inert object.

What is the meaning of Cornell Form?

Cornell Form is a method of note taking. One takes a piece of paper, folds one third towards the right. Thus, the paper has a one-third section on the left, and a two-third division on the right. Then, fold half of the paper upwards. On the the upper left-third, one is to write questions and/or main ideas. On the upper right two-thirds, notes are to be written. A few lines from the bottom, write a summary.

If you fold a piece of paper in half fifty times how many pieces of paper will you get?

you are folding it, there is still only one piece of paper

How much is one and one third?

One and one third is the same as saying one whole piece and one third of a piece.The big number is the whole and the part of a number is the fraction. This type of fraction is called a mixed number.

How much paper does one teacher use in a day?

on a teacher's salary?! please!!! they are allotted one piece per year

What does it mean by drawn paper?

some one decided to draw a piece of paper on the paper

How do you organize ideas?

Write all of your ideas on a piece of paper, then decide which one is the most important, second important, and third important and so on. make a list.

How much does one A4 piece of paper cost?

Depends where you buy it. Divide the price the paper was bought for by the number of sheets of paper in the pack... E.g if you buy a pack with 500 pieces of A4 paper for 2.00, 2/500= 0.004 per piece of paper OR A pack of 300 for 3.50 3.5/300= 0.0116666666 per piece meaning that each piece is approx 1.17 pence

Why did a crushed piece of paper reached the ground first than a piece of paper?

because the other peice of paper was out stright therefore a larger surface area and the air than gets caught under the paper and the small one dosnt have as much air to get caught on. hope this helps! :)

What is the comparison in cost between plastic bags and paper sacks?

Individual plastic bags cost about one-third as much as the average paper sack.