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Ten percent of 217 thousand of anything is 21,700 of the same thing.

Ten percent = 0.10

0.10 x 217,000 = 21,700

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Q: How much is ten percent of two hundred and seventeen thousands pounds?
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What is five percent of seventeen thousand eight hundred and eighty pounds?

894- Eight hundred and ninety four!

What is 10 percent of 900 hundred pounds?

90 pounds.

How do you write in numbers one hundred and twenty thousands pounds?

120 000 and pounds

How do you write 17875 pounds in word form?

Expressed in words, this is equal to seventeen thousand eight hundred and seventy-five pounds.

What is one percent of four hundred thousand pounds?

4,000 pounds.

What is ten percent of one hundred thousand pounds?

It is: ten thousand pounds

What is twenty percent of seven hundred thousand pounds?

It is: 20% of 700,000 = 140,000 pounds

What is 8 percent of fifteen hundred pounds?

120 lbs

What is three point two percent of six hundred and seventy pounds?

3.2% * 670= 11.84 pounds

What is 15 percent subtracted from two hundred and forty five pounds?

245.00 x 15 percent = 36.75 245.00 - 36.75 = 208.25 pounds

Is twelve hundred pound the same as twelve thousand pound?

twelve hundred pounds is equal to 1200 pounds (literally 12 hundreds) twelve thousand pounds is equal to 12000 (literally 12 thousands)

What is 3 percent of 2000 pounds?

2000 is 20 hundreds and you have 3 for each hundred...