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Three Fifths is not a whole number it's only 60% of a whole.

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Q: How much is three fifths as a whole number?
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How much is one fifth plus three fifths?

four fifths

How much of the Bible is in aragonese?

Three fifths.

How much fifths are in a whole?

There are five because 5/5 = 1

How much money is three fifths of 30 dollars?

18 dollars

If You painted one-fifth of your house this weekend and two-fifths last weekend how much have you painted?

3/5 or three fifths

How much is three-fifths of five-eighths?

15/40 or 3/8

How much was the total bill if Jen and Heather went out to lunch. Jen only had 8 dollars but Heather had enough to pay the other three fifths of the bill?

If Heather had enough to pay 3/5 (three fifths) of the bill, that means that Jen's $8 was 2/5 (two fifths) of the bill. If two fifths is $8, then one fifth must be $4. And if one fifth of the bill is $4, then the whole bill (5/5, five fifths) must be 4 x 5 = $20.

What was the connection between the three-fifths compromises and taxes?

Three fifths of all slaves were counted to figure how much states owed the federal government in taxes Nova net ay

What was Robert Morris' opinion on the three fifths compromise?

oh he loved it so much!

How much is 14 in whole number?

14 is, itself, a whole number.

Someone ate one tenth of the cake leaving only nine tenths if you eat two thirds of the cake that is left how much of the whole cake will you have eaten?

You would have eaten six-tenths or three-fifths of the cake. 9/10 x 2/3 = 18/30 = 3/5 six- tenths and three fifths are the same

How much is two fifths?

Two fifths is equivalent to four tenths, 0.4, or 40%, among an infinite number of other possible equivalent fractions, decimals, and percentages.

How much is 3 out of 5?

3/5 = Three fifths or 0.6

How much is seven and one eighth times one and three fifths?

Why don't you just use a calculator??!!

How much is three fifths of 2500?

3/5 is .6, which times 2,500 is 1,500.

How much larger is a male tiger to a female tiger?

Females are around three fifths the size of males.

How much is 3ml?

A teaspoon is 5 ml, so 3 ml would be three-fifths of a teaspoon.

If Jen only paid 8 and Heather paid three fifths of the bill how much did Heather pay?


How much is two fifths of 25?

Two fifths of 25 would be 10.

What is 1.049 to the nearest whole number?

To the nearest whole number 1.049 is simply 1. 1 is the closest whole number less than 1.049 and 2 is the closest whole number more than 1.049. It's pretty obvious that it's much, much closer to 1 than to 2.

How much is a whole in fractions?

A whole fraction is when the numerator and denominator have the same number.

What does the decimal do for a number?

It tells you exactly how much you have if that amount is not a whole number.

Is 3 and two fifths a rational number?

To my knowlage yes it very much is a rational number :D I sounded smart xD

How much does a zebra habitat cost?

Three whole pennys.

What is 1and 2 fifths plus 5times as far how much will that equal?

8 and 2 fifths

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