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Three thirds of a cup

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Q: How much is two thirds a cup plus one third a cup?
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Related questions

How many cups are 2 thirds cup plus 2 third cup?

1 and 1/3 cups

Does one third cup and one third cup equal two thirds of a cup?


What is half of one cup and a third?

Half of one cup and a third = two thirds of a cup.

How many grams of butter are in two-thirds of a cup?

5 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon of butter equals one-third of a cup so two-thirds of a cup would be 10 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons... hope that helps in figuring out the gram equivalent

What is half of two-thirds of a cup?

One third of a cup.

What is one cup minus two thirds of a cup?

One third of a cup

What does Third cup plus third cup equal?

two third cup

Which one is bigger two third cup or 1half cup?

two thirds cup

How many one eighth of a cup in two thirds cup?

five and one third (sixteen thirds)

2 thirds of a ounce equals how much of a cup?

Two thirds of an ounce is two thirds of a cup. Duhhhh who does not know that

Is 2-one third cup the same as two thirds?


How many one third-cup servings are in two and one thirds?

Seven Thirds 7/3

One third cup as decimal?

one third of a cup in decimal form is .33 two thirds, .66

How many one third of a cup makes half a cup?

1.5 thirds make a half

What is the double of two thirds of a cup?

One and one third cups.

Half of one and one third cup in cups?

two thirds

What is one third of two cups?

Two thirds of one cup.

If 0.5 cup equals 1 serving then how many servings is 0.33 cup?

One third of a cup is two-thirds of a half-cup, right? So, it's two-thirds of a serving, or 0.67 servings.

How much is two thirds of a cup in ml?

Two thirds of 1 cup is 157.725491 ml.

What is one third a cup compared to two thirds?

one third is one half of two thirds. 2/3 divided by 2 equals 1/3.

How much is two thirds of cup of milk?

depends on the size of your cup

How much stick butter is needed to make two thirds cup of melted butter?

Two thirds of a cup if stick butter.

What is one half cup plus one third cup?

88% of a cup

What is in four thirds of a cup?

That would be a full cup, plus 1/3 more. On a lighter note, that cup runneth over...

How cups one-third cups does it take to get to one whole cup?

it takes 3 'one-thirds' of a cup to get one whole cup.

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