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Q: How much is two wholes and eight tenths as a decimal?
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How much is 80 tenths in a decimal point?

80 tenths is 8.0

How do you write eight and four tenths in decimals?

8.4Eight and four tenths can be expressed as 8.4. To the right of the decimal place/point, the first position is tenths, the second place is hundredths, and the third place is thousandths, fourth place is ten thousandths..etc..

How much bigger is two thirds to eight tenths?

Eight tenths simplified is 4/5ths. When both are converted into percentages, 4/5ths is obviously bigger. Two thirds is not bigger than eight tenths.

How much is eight and four tenths in decimals?


How much water does a potato have inside it?

about eight-tenths water

How much is eight tenths of an inch?

8/10" is roughly .067'

How much is eight tenths of a pound?

0.8 pounds is 12.8 ounces

How much is sixteen and forty-eight hundredths plus three and two tenths?


Is two fifths larger than seven tenths?

no. Convert both of these to decimal form. Two fifths is only .4, it is much smaller than .7, seven tenths.

How much is 16 quarters?

4 wholes

How much fifths are in 4 wholes?


How much does 67 quarters equal?

16.75 wholes.

How much tenths are in 2.5?

2.5 is 2 and 5 tenths (or 25 tenths in total)

How much is 32 tenths?

32 tenths is 3.2.

How much is 14 tablesoons in fractions?

There are no fractions in 14 wholes.

How much in tenths is 0.1867?

It is 1.867 tenths.It is 1.867 tenths.It is 1.867 tenths.It is 1.867 tenths.

Is one tenth smaller than eight tenths?

1/10 (0.1) is much smaller than 8/10 (0.8)

How much is 96 quarters?

96 * (1/4) = 24 wholes.

Is eight twelves more than five twelves?

no becaue if u divide and get the decimal, eight twelves is .67 and 5 twelves is .42 which is so much less.

How much is nine tenths of an inch?

Nine tenths of an inch = Nine tenths of an inch, or 90% of an inch. Or did you mean to ask what is nine tenths of an inch in 8ths, or 16ths, or . . . .

How much is 5 tenths of gold worth?

It should be obvious that the answer will depend on whether it is five tenths of an ounce or five tenths of a ton!

How much is 1.875 rounded to the nearest tenths?

1.875 rounded to the nearest tenths is 1.9.

How much is 100 quarters?

100 quarters = 100*1/4 = 25 wholes.

How much is 0.6?

six tenths

How much is two tenths?

It is 0.2