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A kiloliter is 1,000 liters.

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Q: How much kiloliter in a liter?
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Related questions

Which is bigger- liter or kiloliter?

A kiloliter is much bigger then a liter. If you have one kiloliter, then you have 1,000 kiloliters.

How much liter is a kiloliter?

A kiloliter is 1000 liters.

How much is a kiloliter?

1000 liter's

Is a kiloliter larger than a liter?

The word kilo means thousand, so a kiloliter is 1000 times more than a liter. the word kiloliter isn't used much, though.

Kiloliter in a liter?

1 liter = 0.001 kiloliter 1 kiloliter = 1,000 liters

Which is bigger the liter or the kiloliter?

A kiloliter is 1,000 times larger than a liter.

What is larger liter or kiloliter?

A kiloliter is 1,000 times larger than a liter.

What is equivalent of 1 kiloliter in liter?

kilo=1000, kiloliter=1000 liters, so 1 kiloliter does not go in to a liter, but a liter goes into a kiloliter 1 kilolitre is equal is 1 cubic meter

What is greater liter or kiloliter?

The kiloliter is greater by a factor of 10, whihc means that each kiloliter is 10 times more than a liter.

Is a liter bigger than a kiloliter?

No it is not. A liter is the base unit of measurement, and a kiloliter is 1,000 liters.

A kiloliter has more or less liquid than a liter?

A kiloliter has more liquid than a liter. There are 1,000 Liters in 1 kiloliter.

Which is bigger a liter a milliliter a kiloliter or a centiliter?


What is smaller a liter or a kiloliter?


How much is a dose of medicine a milliliter liter or kiloliter?

It is usually a millilitre.

How big is a kiloliter?

A kiloliter (1000 liter) is a cubic meter.

What is bigger a kiloliter a milliliter or a liter?

A kiloliter would be bigger.

Is 0.9 milliliter equal greater than or less than 0.009 kiloliter?

1000 milliliter = 1 liter 1000 liter = 1 kiloliter 0.9 milliliter = 0.0000009 kiloliter 0.009 kiloliter = 9000 liter 0.9 < 0.009 kiloliter

What is larger a kiloliter or milliliter?

A kiloliter is larger. A milliliter is one thousandth of a liter, and a kiloliter is a thousand liters.

What fraction of 1 Kiloliter is 1 liter?

1 kiloliter is 1000 liters, so 1 liter is 1/1000 kiloliter or 0.001 kiloliter.

Does a kiloliter have more or less liquid than a liter?

A kiloliter is 1,000 liters.

Is a kiloliter smaller or bigger than a liter?

It is bigger. A kiloliter is 1,000 liters.

How many kiloliter make a liter?

It's the other way around. One liter is one liter. One kiloliter is 1,000 liters. 1,000 milliliters make a liter.

What is 1 kiloliter?

1000 liter

What fraction of a kiloliter is 275 liter?


How much does 34 liters weigh in kiloliters?

1 liter= 1/1000 kiloliter 34 liter = 34/1000 =0.034 kiloliters