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A kVA is basically the same as a kW - unless the so-called "power factor" is much less than one. However, it is quite often close to one, so it can be ignored. (Power = volts x amperes x power factor.)

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Q: How much kilowatts does 1.5 kva aircondition comsumes?
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How do you calulate KVA when you know amps and voltage?

KVA = (0.001) times (Amperes) times (Volts)Kilowatts = (KVA) times (power factor)

What kva is 46amp?

KVA is kilo volt amp, and one needs to know both the voltage and the amperage, and possibly the phase angle. It is comparable with kilowatts for a resistive load.

What is Kvr?

kV is kilovolts, kW is kilowatts, kVA is kilovolt amps and kVAR is kilovolt-amps reactive. A common formula is kVA-squared = kW-squared + kVAR-squared.

How many watts make 1 kva?

0 - 1000. KVA times a power factor gives you kilowatts, 1000 x watts. If the power factor is 0, then o watts make up your one kVA; if the power factor is 1, then 1000 watts make up your one kVA. Typical power factor is in the range of .8 to 1.

How do you calculate kilovoltamps when kilowatts is known?

KVA (kilovoltamperes) is KW (kilowatts) divided by sin(90 - theta) where theta is the phase angle between voltage and current. This answer assumes a sinusoidal, linear load.

Two and an half kva equals how many ampere?

To convert kVA to Amps, you need the voltage at which the calculation is being done. Without the voltage, the conversion cannot be accurately calculated.

If power factor is 8 then how many ampere there will be in each phase of a 250 kva transformer?

The power factor is only taken into consideration when the Kilowatts of a transformer is used.

How many kva equal to 1 mega watt?

KVA is a rating for complex power (real + reactive power): KVA = KVAR + KW Also, there is 1000KVA in 1MVA, so there's at least 1000KVA in 1MW, but if the reactive power load is very high, there may be substantially more KVA.

What does kva stands for?

kVA - Kilo Volt Ampere The calculation used to find kVA is P=I x E Where P is Power in Watts (W) I is the current in Amperes (A), and E is applied voltage in Volts (V) The result is divided by 1,000 to denote the k for kilo. As such a voltage of 120 with 10 amperes being drawn would equate to 1200 watts which can be shown as 1.2 kiloWatts or 1.2 kVA. The measure of kVA is specifies the Wattage capacity of a transformer. Any higher Power output (or Voltage input) will cause the transformer to overheat and trip breakers.

Why transformers are rated with KVA?

Transformers, like inductors can only handle a specific amount of voltage and current before overheating, with AC or DC input. AC 'real' power delivery from a transformer is measured in kilowatts (kW) which is identical to KVA when "Power factor = 1". In the extreme, with "Power factor =0", a transformer could be fully loaded in terms of KVA, while supply zero 'real' power (kW).

Single phase 10hp motor how much kva generator needed?

10 HP is 7.46 kW theoretically, but allowing for an 0.7 power factor the kVA goes up to 10.5 kVA. Add 20% for sundry losses and you get 12.5 kVA

200 amp equals how much kva?

200 amps is equal to zero kva. To answer this question a voltage is needed.