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Russia ( at 6.6 million sq miles) is almost twice the size of USA. (3.718 million sq. miles)

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Russia is about 1.8 times larger than the United States in terms of land area. Russia covers approximately 17.1 million square kilometers, while the United States covers around 9.8 million square kilometers.

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Q: How much larger is Russia than the US in area?
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Which countries are larger in area than the US?

Russia and Canada by total area. Russia and China by land area. Russia and Canada by water area.

How much bigger is russia than china in land area?

Russia is 2,887,000 square miles larger than China.

What are the two countries near Japan that are much larger in area than Japan?

China and Russia are two larger countries close to Japan.

What 2 countries have a larger area than China?

Russia and Canada are both larger than China in area.

How much larger is russia than US?

Russia is larger than the US in terms of land area, with Russia covering about 17 million square kilometers and the US covering about 9.8 million square kilometers. This means that Russia is roughly 1.7 times larger in land area compared to the US.

Why does the United Kingdom have a larger population density than Russia?

Simple - Russia has more land in relation to the UK. Russia's population is spread over a larger area - therefore their population density is much less.

Does Canada have a larger land area than Russia?

NO. Russia has the largest land area in the world. Canada's is second largest.

Which is larger in land area russia or china?

Russia is larger in land area. Russia is 6,592,800 square miles and China is 3,969,100 square miles.

Is Russia the same size of America?

In land area Russia is larger than the United States

Which is larger China or Russia?

Russia. It is the largest country in the world by area.

What three countries have a larger land area than the US?

Russia, Canada, and China have a larger land area than the US.

Which is bigger Canada or Russia?

In terms of area, Canada is bigger. However, China's population is much larger than that of Canada.