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2,000,000,000 - 24,000,000 = 1,976,000,000

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Q: How much less than 2 billion is 24 million?
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If million is greater than billion?

No, a million is less.

How much is bill gates worth in pounds?

He is worth about 4.4 billion pounds because an American billion is less than a British billion. An American billion is 1000 million pounds whilst a British billion is a million million pounds

Which is greater a million or billion?

a billion is actually 1,000 million 1,000,000 = 1 million 1,000,000,000 = 1 billion A billion is much larger than a million

How many billions are in one million?

none. a million is less than a billion

What bigger 35 billion or 42 million?

35 billion is much larger than 42 million.

27722 lakhs makes how many billion dollars?

Much less than a billion. 1 lakh is about $2000, that's 5.5 million dollars or 0.055 billion.

How do you write one million less than one hundred billion?

99,999,000,000 Ninety nine billion, 999 million.

How much less is ten billion than one trillion?


Is there such a thing as nine hundred million?

Yes. It is one hundred million less than one billion.

How do you write standard form of 1 million less than 100 billion?

100 billion minus 1 million is 99 billion 999 million. In standard form it is expressed as: 99,999,000,000

How many whales total are left in the ocean?

9000 less than a million less than a million less than a million less than a million less than a million less than a million less than a million 9000 exatlay i dont no how 2 speel

Is million a bigger number than billion or billion is a bigger number than million?

A billion is a thousand times more than a million. One billion= 1,000,000,000 One million= 1,000,000

Is 1 billion more or less than 100 billion?

1 billion is less than 100 billion.

How much billion are equal to 1 million?

a billion is more than a million. One thousand millions go into a billion. So, .001 Billions are equal to 1 million.

Is a billion more than million?

Yes, a billion is a thousand times more than a million. Billion = 1,000,000,000 Million = 1,000,000

Which one is bigger million or billion?

A billion is bigger (or greater) than a million.

What is bigger than million?

Billion is bigger than million

How much greater is 2 billion than 2 million?

1000 times

How much money does Donald Trump have?

He has less than 10 billion.

Ten billion is how much less than one trillion?


Is 10000 less than 180 billion?

Yes, 10,000 is less than 180 billion.

How many people use Blackberry?

more than a million. less than a billion. 75% of BB users live in the US

How much does black ops in a week?

When it first came out, they got over 100 million dollars in a week. On December 21 2010 Activision announced that they had surpassed $1 Billion in Sales in less than a month. $360 Million was sold the first day, $650 million in the first 5 days and the latest announcement was $1 billion in less than a month. Black Ops sold 25 million units by August 2011 and an additional 14 Million DLCs.

How many times larger is a billion than a million?

One billion is one thousand times larger than one million.

What is 10 million more than 7 billion 470 million 100?

10 million more than 7 billion 470 million 100 is 7,480,000,100