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about 38 cm longer

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Q: How much longer is a meter than 2 cm?
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How much longer is 132 cm than 1 meter?

It is 32 cm longer because 1 meter is 100 cm

How much longer is half a meter than 23 cm?

0.27 m longer

A meter is how much longer than a yard?

about 3.37" or 8.56 cm

Is a 300 cm long sofa longer or shorter than a meter?

300 cm / 100 cm/meter = 3 meters 3 meters is longer than 1 meter; so the sofa is longer than a meter.

How much longer is 1 meter than 57 cm?

It is: 100-57 = 43 cm

Is 1 meter longer or 95 cm?

1 meter is longer than 0.95 meters (95 cm).

How much longer is 1 meter than 57cm?

It is 43cm

Is a meter longer than a centimeters?

yes, 1 meter = 100 cm

Is a centimeters longer than a meter?

yes, 1 meter = 100 cm

Which is longer 1 meter or 82 centimeters?

1 meter is 100cm which is longer than 82 cm.

How many cm is a half meter longer than 34cm?

The answer is 16 cm.

How do you know a meter is longer than a yard?

A meter is 100 cm long, but a yard is only about 90 cm.