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Q: How much mayonnnaise is sold a year?
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How much gunpowder is sold per year?

how much gun powder is sole each year

How much milk is sold?

Around 100,000,000 million galons are sold each year

How much barbed wire was sold in the first year?

Over 200 caseses of barbed wire were sold in the first year

How much coca cola is sold in a year?


What was the most expensive Klimt painting ever sold year painted who sold it year it was sold how much it was sold for?

The Adele Bloch-Bauer I painted in 1907 and sold in 2006 by Ronald Lauder for $135 million

How much cola was sold in the UK every year?

Coca-Cola sold £1,011.1 million worth of beverages in the past year.

How much wonder bread is sold every year?

a lot

How much bacon is sold in a year?

over 9000 pieces

How much washing powder is sold a year?

437,2 billions

How much white chocolate is sold per year?

It is good

How much sugar is sold in a year?

Around 150 million tonnes.

How much alcohol is sold a year?

alcohol is over 103gallons a month