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Q: How much memory consume for integer in c?
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Are pointers integers?

A pointer holds a memory address, from 0 to the upper limit of your memory (in 32 bit addressing this is up to 2^32, 64 bit is up to 2^64 bytes). So in math terms, a pointer could be considered a non-negative integer. However this is not the same as the integer type used in C and other languages, which refers to how the data at that memory address (the raw bits) is interpreted by the system. So the expression "int *x;" declares a pointer to an integer, but x is a memory address, not a literal C-style integer. The value pointed to by x, however, will be interpreted as a literal C-style integer. It may be easier to see using a pointer to a char: char character = 'C'; char *pointerToCharacter = character; In this case, character is a standard char variable, and pointerToCharacter is a pointer (which is a memory address) that points to the location in memory of a character.

What is turbo c variables?

Turbo C variables are memory place holders for storage of data during the execution of a Turbo C program. Types of variables include integer, real and char.

How do you print size of integer?

the size of an integer is determaind by using the function "sizeof(c)",here 'c' is any integer.

How much expendable memory in nokia c 101 phone?


How do you write a C plus plus statement to allocate memory cells dynamically and store the memory address in a pointer to an integer named gred?

int * gred ; gred = new int [100] ; // this example snippet creates 100 ints

What do you mean by long integer and double integer?

Different computer languages use different amounts of memory to store integers. For example, C++ uses a minimum of 4 bytes, Java a min of 8 bytes. A long integer is one which is requires more bytes than the standard amount. When the storage requirement gets to twice the standard amount, the number becomes a double integer.

A What integer would represent your total budget?

a+b=c c is = to a+b so c represents the total Budget. Providing that c is on the number line and not a decimal or a fraction. Integers are whole numbers. Untouched , think about the word : INTEGER: Latin Meaning "Whole " What does it sound like? ENTIRE: All in one piece; intact Do you see the link between the two, they are related. Easyer to remember. Memory by association mb

Which is an example of visual basic objects?

dim a as integer dim b as integer dim c as integer dim d as integer private sub command1_click () a=-1 b=1 d=1 while (d<=10) c=a+b print c a=b b=c next d end sub

What is the difference between a fraction and a multiple?

Given an integer n, an integer f is a fraction of n if f goes into n evenly. That is, n/f is an integer or n = f*x for some integer x.m is a multiple of n if m = n*c for some integer c.

Integer in c and c plus plus?

One of the built-in datatypes.

What is the datatype of 3 in c?

integer literal

What does a char store?

In JavaA char in Java is a 16-bit integer, which maps to a subset of Unicode.In C A char in C is an 8-bit integer, which maps to standard ASCII.Note that in both Java and in C you can use a char value like a normal integer type: char c = 48;