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Milligram is a unit of mass, milliliter is a unit of volume, so these really measure different things. For a specific substance, you can do the conversion if you know the substance's density (mass per unit of volume).

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Q: How much milligram in one milliliter?
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What is more a cream form a milligram or a milliliter?

As long as it is not whipped cream, one milligram is more.

How many drops in milligram?

Milliliter, not milligram. The answer is about twenty drops.

Something that weighs 1 milligram?

One milliliter of pure water.

Is milliliter equal to milligram?

No, it is not equal.

Is a milligram and a milliliter the in volume?

Milligram is used to measure mass; milliliter is used to measure volume.Milligram is used to measure mass; milliliter is used to measure volume.Milligram is used to measure mass; milliliter is used to measure volume.Milligram is used to measure mass; milliliter is used to measure volume.

How many milliliter's in mg?

mL (milliliter) is unit of volume and mg (milligram) is unit of mass !

How many milligram are in 5 milliliter?

That is an impossible conversion. Milligram is a weight measurement, and milliliter is a volume measurement, and the two cannot be mixed together (it also depends on the liquid).

Is a milliliter equal to a milligram?

No! Milligram is a weight or mass. Milliliter is a volume. 1 milliliter of pure water weighs 1 gram or 1000 milligrams. Scroll down to related links and look at "Volume and capacity conversion".

What Household measurement to administer 1 mg of medication?

Nothing in the common household can measure one milligram, or one milliliter.

How many milligram in 54 gallon?

A milligram is a measure of mass just like a kilogram, while a gallon is a measure of volume. You cannot directly equate mass to volume. Under some idealized conditions a milligram of water is one milliliter. A milliliter is a unit of volume. There are 204,412 milliliters in 54 U.S. gallons

I need the operation on how to turn milliliter into milligram?

Good luck. There is no such operation. "Milliliter" is a volume ... a little piece of space. "Milligram" is a tiny amount of mass. Before you can tell how much mass there is inside a piece of space, you have to know what substance you're talking about: -- If the substance is air, it's a small amount. -- If the substance is water, there's roughly 1 milligram of mass in each milliliter of space. -- If the substance is lead or gold, there's a lot more mass in every milliliter. -- And if the milliliter is empty, then there are no milligrams of mass in it at all.

What weighs 1 milliliter?

A milliliter is a unit of volume measure, not weight. That would be a milligram. That's a millionth of a gram. Very, very small. A milliliter is a measure of Volume. A milligram (weight) is a thousandth of a gram. 1000 mg = 1 g

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