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Ten dimes to one dollar.
Therefore, 1000 ÷ 10 = 100 dollars

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Q: How much money is a thousand dimes?
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How much money is a pound of dimes?

$20 or 200 dimes

How much money is 38 dimes?


How money is 2 thousand pounds of dimes?

Well I had $500 dollars in dimes and it weighted 50.6 pounds. Do the math :P

If you had a pound of dimes how much money would you have?

200 dimes or $20

How much money 330 dimes?

330 dimes is 33 dollars.

How much money is 2000 dimes?

10 dimes is 1 dollar, so 2,000 dimes is 200 dollars.

How much money is 93 dimes?


How much money is 64 dimes?


How much is money is 1000 dimes?


How much money is 290 in dimes?

200 dimes = $20.00 90 dimes = $9.00 (Answer) 290 dimes= $29.00

How much money is 350 dimes?

It is 35 dollars.

How many dimes in a thousand dollars?

ten thousand

How many dimes in two thousand dollars?

One dollar is equivalent to ten dimes, so for any give dollar amount, the number of dimes is ten times that. Two thousand times ten is twenty thousand.

How much money is 1 pound of dimes?

146 Dimes weigh 2.268 grams and it takes 200 dimes to make a pound using the current Roosevelt dimes

How much money is 3 dimes and 1 nickel?

Three dimes and one nickel equals 35 cents.

How much money is one million dimes?

One million dimes = $100,000

7 quarters and 7 dimes is how much money?


How much money is in one gallon worth of dimes?


How much money is 3 quarters and 2 dimes?


How much money is 10 quarters32 dimes and 17 nickels?

10 quarters 32 dimes and 17 nickels is $6.55

How much money is 6 pennies and 6 dimes?

66 cents

How much money is six pounds of dimes?

$120 or $20 a pound

What is 102 dimes in money?

102 dimes is $10.20.

How much dimes in a hundred dollar bill?

how many you ask well just do math 10x100= 1000 so there you go a thousand dimes go into a hundred dollar bill

How many dimes for hundred thousand dollars?

There are ten dimes in a dollar.100,000 × 10 = 1,000,000 One million dimes

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