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6*1/4 = 1.5 pounds.

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Q: How much money is one quarter of six pounds?
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How much money is 0.06?

six pennies, a nickel and a penny, six cents, one one-hundredth of a dollar, one tenth of a penny, one quarter of a quarter.

How many pounds are there in a quarter of a ton?

There are 2000 pounds in one ton. Therefore, one quarter of a ton is equal to 0.25 x 2000 = 500 pounds.

What is half of 2 and a half pounds?

One and a quarter pounds.

How much money is two bits?

two bits is equal to one quarter

What is one and a quarter pounds in grams?


Is 30 pounds bigger than 30 and one fourth pounds?

no this is as '30 and one fourth' is 30 and a quarter. meaning 30 plus a quarter, which in turn is one quarter larger than the number 30

Is a quarter pound more than a 1 pound?

No, it is one quarter of a pound. One fourth. 4 quarter pounds equal one pound.

How much does one cent cost in English money?

0.000624 pounds

20 ounces is how many pounds?

one and one quarter.

How many ounces in five and one quarter pounds?

84 ounces are in 5.25 pounds

How many cups equal one and one quarter pounds?

It depends what you are measuring. Cups is a volume and pounds is a weight.

How many quarter pounds are equal to one pound?

4... because a quarter is 1/4. QUARTER POUNDER AT MICKEY D'S!

How much is One thousand Pounds of English money worth in America?

1ooo english pounds can be converted to $1711.65 in america.

One quarter kg is how many pounds?

0.55 lb

If two us pennies have the same weight as one us quarter and 4 pounds of quarters are worth 100 dollars then how much pounds of pennies worth?

This is not a proper question

How much is a one quarter Anna 1858 worth?

one quarter anna 1858, how much is it worth??

One Canada pounds how much in Philippine money?

1 pound is equal to 75.0266 Philippine Pesos Canada doesn't have pounds.

What is one quarter of 200 how much is one quarter?

One quarter of 200 is 50. One quarter is one fourth. It is also 25 cents.

What is one quarter of 2000 how much is one quarter?

one quarter means 25% so 2,000 times .25 = 500 500 is one quarter of 2000

How do you write a quarter pound?

One-quarter pound1/4 pound0.25 pounds

How much is one hundred pounds of one hundred dollar bills?

a lot of money

What is the change from 10 pounds if you spent one quarter of it?


How much is one quarter of 8.48?

A quarter of 8.48 is 2.12

How many cups of sugar are there in one and three quarters pounds?

There are 3-1/2 cups in one and three-quarter pounds.

How much money is 121 pounds of quarters?

A quarter weighs 0.2 ounces, so it takes 5 of them to make one ounce. A pound has 16 ounces so it takes 5 x 16 = 80 quarters to make a pound. And you have 121 pounds of quarters, so that makes 121 x 80 = 9,680 quarters. But a quarter is one-fourth of a dollar, so these 9,680 quarters have a total value of $2,420.00.