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It's 1/10th of the amount you put in. The more you deposit or invest, the more interest you get.

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Q: How much money is ten percent interest?
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What does 10 percent mean in money?

Ten percent in money means ten percent of the total amount. For example, if you borrow $5,000 at ten percent interest, $500 will be added to the total you owe because $500 is ten percent of $5,000. You would, therefore, have to pay $5,500 to pay the loan back in full.

What is the maximum interest fee for a personal loan in CA?

Ten percent.

Why was president Lincoln reconstruction plan names the ten percent plan?

Because president Lincoln gave ten percent to the south. Of course the ten percent was money

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If you have 10000 over a period of ten years times at 15 percent how much is that?

Nothing it's still money

What is compound interest is?

compound interest is interest on interest and again interest on amount together with principle plus interstWhen. Interest compiles eg you have 10% interst on 100 , so after a year you have 110 10% again 11 pounds so you have 121 next year 10% you have 133.10 and so oncompound interest is interest that is added each year from you profits that year, an example to make this easier - say you had 200 pounds in your bank and the company was giving you ten percent per annum. after your first year you will have made 220 pounds as you take ten percent (£20) from your balance and add it on. The next year say you have the same £220 another ten percent will be added- ten percent of 220 not 200.

Karen deposited 8500 dollars in a college savings account for her grandson The account earns an annual simple interest rate of 6.5 percent How much money will she have at the end of ten years?

8500 x ((1.065) to the 10th power) = 15955.67

How much is 10 percent of 448?

Ten percent of 448 is 44.8

How much does ten percent equal?

I pint

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