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$480 per week. Divide 25,000 by 52 weeks in a year.

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Q: How much money per week if salary is 25000 year?
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How much money do caterers make?

Caterers make about 25000 a year so they make about 480$ a week

How much money per week if salary is 81000 a year?


How much money per week if salary is 32000 a year?

If the annual salary is 32,000 then the weekly wage is 615.38

How much money do you get per week if you were a meteorologist?

Meteorologists make $489 per week. That is counting the salary too.

How much does Jay Bothroyd get paid?

£25000 a week

How much money do you make per week if your salary is 395000per year?

395,000 divided by 52 weeks equals 7,596.15 per week.

What is the average salary fo an American in2007?

it is austev money at 23649637543ó a week. it is austev money at 23649637543ó a week.

How Much Money does Soccer Make?

Footballers salary have gone over the roof.Some make 150,000 pounds a week.

How much is robinho salary pay week?

160k a week!

The money that you make at your job day after day week after week is called?

A wage or a salary.

How much money in Iowa does a Medical Administrative assistant receive?

$9 and hour/ and $360 dollars a week/ $1600-$1800 dollars a month/ $25000-$30000 a year.

How much money does an average volleyball player get per week?

Monthly salary of pro volleyball player is about $5000 - $10000.

How much is Elano's salary?

Elanos salary is about 40,000 to 60,000 pounds a week.

Who much money does a geologist make a week?

The average annual salary for a geologist is 41,170 dollars per year. Therefore, the average weekly salary is approximately 791 dollars.

Dan's salary is 70 less than Sam's whose weekly salary is 50 more than Jen's If Jen earns 280 per week how much money does Dan earn per week?

Dan's Salary is $260 since it is 70 less than Sam's.

How much salary for a week in Denmark?

It depends on what your job is.

How much is John Terry's salary?

£150,000 a week.

How much is Frank lampards salary?

Frank Lampard's salary is 120,000 pounds a week

How much money do plastic surgeons make a week?

How much money does a plastic surgeon make a week

How much money do coast guards get paid?

The average salary for a US Coast Guard is about $1576 per week. This comes out to about $81,952 per year.

How much is Steven Gerrards' salary in pounds?

Steven Gerrards salary is roughly 1,25,000 pounds a week.

How much salary does didier drogba earn?

£30000 a week

How much money did people earn in 1950 in England?

best buy workers make about 10 dollars a hour so it depends on how much you work that week or 2 to determine you salary

How much money do fbi's get a week?

1,320 a week 1,320 a week

How much does messi get a week money?

400,000 a week :-)