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you would get 140 dollars because a clock forms a 90 degree angle only 4 times a day and if you multiply 4 and 7 you would get 28 multiply by 5 and you get 140$

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Q: How much money would you make in one week if you made 5 every time the hands of a clock formed a 90 degree angle?
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How many times does a clock form a 45 degree angle?

22 times in every 12 hours.

What times on a clock form a 60 degree angle?

2 o'clock, every 2 hours forms 60o

How many times do the clock hands form a straight degree angle?

Its happens every 65 minutes when clock hands are in a straight degree angle, which is 22 times a day.To be more precise, it happens every 65.4 minutes...and this, of course, can be even more precise, however it is a non-terminating decimal.

How many times do the clock hands form a 90 degree angle?

AnswerFor every position that the hour hand CAN attain, there are TWO points where the minute hand will achieve a ninety degree angle from the hour hand.AnswerIt happens 44 times in the course of one full day, and it's reasonably easy to calculate. See linked question for details.Technically, if you move the hands of the clock by hand, an infiinite number of right angles can be formed.

Can you list all of the hours when the hands of the clock forn an obtuse angle?

The hands of the clock form an obtuse angle during each and every hour.

How the face and hands of a round clock can show different types of angles?

Every minute on a round clock is six degrees. Putting the hands on 12 and 3 (15 minutes) would be a 90 degree angle.

What is the measure of the angle formed by the hands of a clock at 130?

Every minute on a clock is 6 degrees, making every five minutes where the numbers are 30 degrees. In theory, hands on the 1 and 6 would would show an angle of 150 degrees. In actuality, the hour hand moves halfway between the 1 and 2 by 1:30 making the angle 135 degrees.

What is the angle between 5 and 8 on a clock?

90 degrees its just like the angle between 6 and 9 on a clock basically for every number its 30 degrees

What is a 98 degree angle?

Every minute on a clock is six degrees. 12:16 would be 96 degrees. 12:17 is 102 degrees. 98 degrees, an obtuse angle, would be just past 12:16.

How many times a day does a clock make a zero degree angle?

24 times. When the minute hand lines up with the hour hand that is 0 degrees. This happens every hour.

What triangle measures 6 in 8 in 10 in and with a 90 degree angle?

Every triangle with sides of 6 in, 8 in and 10 in will have a 90 degree angle.

At what angle from 10 degree to 90 degree would a catapult launch a marshmallow the farthest?

At angle 45 degree. Every degree increase from 0 up to 45 approaches the maximum distance that something can be thrown. Every degree from 45 to 90 decreases the distance.Read more: Does_the_angle_of_a_catapult_affect_the_distance_a_ball_would_go

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