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8 times 4 is 32, but more to the point here, it is 4 eights.

8 times 5 is 40, but more to the point here, it is 5 eights.

Obviously then, 5 eights is 1 eight more than 4 eights.

Or 8.

(and if you don't believe me, subtract 32 from 40 and see if I was right!)

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โˆ™ 2010-01-11 09:10:53
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Q: How much more is 8x5 than 8x4?
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Is 7 times 5 less than 8 times 5 explain?

Yes 7X5 is less than 8X5. 7X5=35, 8X5=40

What is 8x5 answer?


What are the first 6 multiples of eight?

8,16,24,32,40,488x1= 88x2= 168x3= 248x4= 328x5= 408x6= 48

What is 8x5 divided by 4?

10 8x5 = 40 40/4 = 10

What is 3/8x5/6?

It is 29744.375/95182

How do you Find the GCF of the terms of the polynomial 44x6 plus 8x5?

44x^6 not 44x6 and 8x^5 not 8x5, my bad

What is eight quintupled?


What is the answer to -8x5 over 2x2 simplified?


27-8x5 plus 10 equals?

27-8x5+10=?27-40+10=? -13+10=? =-3

What is 8x5 eaqual?

8x5=40 See here is how if you have 8 cookie jars and there are 5 cookies in the jars, there are 40 cookies to give to your friends.

What is the common multiple of five and eight?

40. 8x5=40.

What equalls 40?

40 x 1

What is the perimeter of an equilateral pentagon with sides of 8?

8x5= 40units(8..what)

What are the first five multiples of 8?

8, 16, 24, 32, 40.

How many 50x50cm tiles needed for ceiling 8x5 feet?

14.4 .About 15

What are the two factors in 8x5 equals 40?

8 and 5 are factors of 40.

How do you get to 70 with 2 plus 8x5 plus 2?

I don't think that it can. O.o

Are 6 to 30 and 8 to 40 equivalent radio?

Yes, they are. (6X5; 8x5)

Is true the GCF of 16x3x5 and 8x25 is 8x5?

Yes, the GCF of 240 and 200 is 40.

What is the least common factor of 8 and 5?

the LCF of 8 and 5 is 40. (8x5)

How can you mentally find eight multiplied by 45 by using the distributive property?


How many square footage in a 8x5 room?

8x5 what? Assuming your units are the same a 8ftx5ft room is 40 sq feet If you ment 8 meters x 5 meters then the room is 430.5 sq feet

What is the list of multiples of 8?

8x1=8 8x2=16 8x3=24 8x4=32 8x5=40 8x6=48 8x7=56 8x8=64 8x9=72 8x10=80 8x11=88 8x12=96

What is five eighths multiply by 5?

5/8x5=25/8= 3 1/8

How do i factor 8x5-27x2y3?

x^2(2x - 3y)(4x^2 + 6xy + 9y^2)

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