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It is nearly twice as big because 3/5 = 0.6 and 2/6 = 0.'3' recurring '3'

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Q: How much more is three fifths than two sixth?
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How much is one fifth plus three fifths?

four fifths

How much of the Bible is in aragonese?

Three fifths.

How much is three fifths as a whole number?

Three Fifths is not a whole number it's only 60% of a whole.

How much is 3 out of 5?

3/5 = Three fifths or 0.6

How much money is three fifths of 30 dollars?

18 dollars

If You painted one-fifth of your house this weekend and two-fifths last weekend how much have you painted?

3/5 or three fifths

How much is three-fifths of five-eighths?

15/40 or 3/8

How much more is three fourths than two fifths?

3/4 + 2/5 = 15/20 + 8/20 = 23/20

How much is three fifths of 2500?

3/5 is .6, which times 2,500 is 1,500.

What was rufus kings opinion of three fifths compromise?

oh he loved it so much!

How much is seven and one eighth times one and three fifths?

Why don't you just use a calculator??!!

How much larger is a male tiger to a female tiger?

Females are around three fifths the size of males.