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600mm is the distance between two conductors in 11kv line

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Q: How much must be the distance between two conductors of 11kv line?
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Distance maintain between phase to phase?

is there a minimum distance between 480 volt phases. ANOTHER ANSWERThere is no such thing as a 'phase-to-phase' voltage. The correct term is 'line-to-line', which is why that voltage is called a 'line voltage'. The distance between these line conductors depends on the value of the line voltage; the greater the line voltage, the greater this distance must be to prevent any flashover. These distances are specified in the utility company's standards or regulations.

How many voltage 3phase line?

For a three-phase, three-wire, system there are three conductors called 'line conductors', and there is a voltage between any pair of line conductors, so there are three voltages.For a three-phase, four-wire, system there are four conductors: three 'line conductors' and a 'neutral' conductor. So there are three line voltages (voltages between lines) and three phase voltages (voltages between any line conductor and a neutral conductor).

Why the spacing between the conductors of same phase is greater as compared to spacing between different phase conductors in double circuit lines?

I think you mean spacing between line conductors, rather than phase conductors. If there is a greater spacing between line conductors in one circuit, compared with anothercircuit, then the two circuits are operating at different voltages.

Line to line voltage?

The conductors between a three-phase supply and a three-phase load are called line conductors not phase conductors, and the voltage measured between them are line voltages, not phase voltages. In the case of a delta supply, the line voltages are numerically equal to phase voltages, but the name remains the same!I have to admit that many people call line conductors 'phase conductors', but many people also say 'irregardless' -that doesn't make it a real word!!

What is the function of wires in transmission line?

Each of the three conductors of an electricity transmission system are termed 'line conductors', and there is a potential difference between each pair, called a 'line voltage'. The conductors themselves carry load currents called 'line currents'.

What is the cable between the service panel and electric meter called?

Whether you have an overhead or underground feed, that section of the installation is referred to as Service Entrance Conductors. On an overhead installation, it includes the conductors on BOTH sides of the meter, from the service drop conductors (attached at the service head) to the service equipment LINE terminals. On an underground installation, it refers only to the conductors between the meter's LOAD side and the service equipment LINE terminals. The conductors on the LINE side of the meter come from a distribution transformer and are unbroken between the transformer and your meter.

Is three phase transmission line is example of bundle conductor?

'Bundled' conductors describe a line in which two or more conductors are supported from the same insulator chain. In the UK, 275-kV transmission lines typically use two conductors per line, and 400-kV transmission lines typically use four conductors per line. The purpose of bundling conductors is to spread the electric stress on the conductors (e.g. for four conductors, the same amount of electric flux will be 'shared' between the four conductors, rather than concentrated on the surface of one conductor).

What do you call the distance between a number and zero on a number line?

The absolute value is the distance between a number and zero on a number line.

What is the distance between -30 and 18 on a number line?

The distance between these numbers is 48.

What is a telephone line connection?

The conductors extending between telephone subscriber stations and central offices.

What is a distance postulate?

The distance postulate is such: the shortest distance between two points is a line.(xy, x-y) The distance postulate is such: the shortest distance between two points is a line.(xy, x-y)

Can you use phase voltage as a single phase?

A single phase supply can be obtained between any pair of line conductors or between a line conductor and a neutral conductor.