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That depends on where you live and your soil type. You will need to visit your local seed grower for information on seeding rates for your area.

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Q: How much oat seed is needed per acre?
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How much sunlight does an oat seed need to grow?

16 hours daily

What species of plant is an oat?

The genus and species name of the oat is Avena sativa. The oat is a member of the grass family. The part of the oat that is eaten by humans is the seed of the plant.

Can you substitute oat meal for oat bran?

Yes, as long as you are not allergic to it. There should be no problem.

How do you get rid of tall oat grass?

Cultivate in December. Or if small garden, collect seed by hand and spray remaining plant with vinegar.

Which birds are seed eaters?

Well many birds eat seeds parakeets macaws it's their favorite food

Which grain is oats made out of?

Oats are the seed of a cereal plant commonly known as the oat it's latin name is Avena sativa.

Is Fried cereal Considered oat meal?

Yes,Yes it is. It is almost the same exact thing! but oat meal is much creamier! :)

How can a seed grow without sunlight?

It uses the energy of the starch and sugar that is stored in the seed to create the first bits of growth that get it to the sunlight. It is that starch and sugar that is the reason we use seeds such as wheat, oat, barley, beans, etc., as energy sources for ourselves.

Will oat groats germinate?

oat groats will not germinate. only un-hulled oat germinate.

How many pounds per acre for planting oats?

That really depends on the soil type, when you are going to plant and what oat variety/cultivar you are planting. As such this question cannot be answered.

What is wild oat?

Wild oat (Avena sativa ) is a member of the grass family native to Scotland. There are approximately 25 varieties of the oat plants, and oat is now grown throughout the world.

What is an animated oat?

An animated oat is a Mediterranean variant, which is the progenitor of modern cultivated oat.