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enough to cover it

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Q: How much of top soil you need for 1 acre of land?
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How much food does one acre of land produce a year?

An acre of land can produce thousands of pounds of food every year. The production of the land is very dependent upon the type of soil and the climate.

How much fertilizer does one need for one acre of tobacco?

One acre of tobacco will need anywhere from 200 pounds to 250 pounds of fertilizer. How much depends on the nutrients needed by your crop and soil.

How many tones soil required to fill ten feet depth in one acre land?


How much does one acre inch of top soil weigh?

An acre furrow slice is the volume of soil in an acre at 6-7" depth. One AFS weighs 2,000,000 lbs. The depth is based on the depth old farmers used to till their fields at.

What does farm land rent for an acre?

Somewhere between $10 and $3,000 per acre, depending on location, soil quality, cropping history, cropping intent, and a number of other factors.

How much oat seed is needed per acre?

That depends on where you live and your soil type. You will need to visit your local seed grower for information on seeding rates for your area.

What does it cost to fertilze one acre of grass?

It depends on how much soil nutrients it needs. You need to first pull a sample of the soil and have it tested. Then, when you know what is needed, you can go talk to local suppliers to get prices for each nutrient.

How much dirt is needed to raise 1 acre by 2 inches?

Approximately 7,260 yards. You need 6 yards of soil per 1000 square feet for 2"

How much grass seed per acre for lawns when using a mixture of fescues and perrinial rye?

For normal lawn about 300 to 365 pounds per acre. Test the soil first!!!!!

How much lime per acre of lawn?

First you need to determine if your lawn needs lime. Lime will increase the alkalinity of the soil. You want a fairly neutral soil for lawns. That is not too acidic or too alkaline. You need to determine the pH of your soil to learn the amount of lime that will provide the desired result. A soil test with recommendations specific to correcting pH can be obtained from your local county extension service. If your question has more to do conversions there are 43,560 square foot per acre.

How much soil does a marigold need?

100 cups of soil

How much land is in the soil bank program?

3 billion