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Q: How much per linear foot for limestone treads?
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How much is 6 linear foot in square foot?

Linear is a straight line measurement and square feet requires a length and width.

How much does cpvc cost per linear foot?


10 linear feet is how many feet?

Actually, a linear foot is the actual term for foot. So you pretty much answered your own question.

How much is it a linear foot if it is 100.00 per square foot?

As stated, the question is meaningless. Area and length are not comparable.

How much does the average sailboat cost?

$1,500 per linear foot. Or so.

How much does a 12 beam cost per foot?

cost of steel 12''x18' i-beam per linear foot?

800 millimetres equals how much linear foot?

800 mm = 2.62 feet, approx.

How many linear yards do you need to cover 1600 square foot wall?

a linear yard is one yard long - you need to know how wide the covering is in order to compute how much covers a square foot wall

How much does it cost to caulk masonry joints per lineal foot?

how much to caulk floor joints per linear feet

How much us 2000 square meters in linear feet?

A square metre is a unit of area. A linear foot is a unit of length. The two units are therefore incompatible.

How much does 53 linear ft of carpet cost at 53 cents square foot?

The answer depends on how wide the carpet bolt is. For example, 53 linear feet of a 6 foot bolt is 318 ft2. At $0.53 per ft2, the cost would be $168.54. When the price is given in $/ft2, you need to know the width of the bolt to convert your linear foot needs into a price.

How much does 1 cubic inch of limestone weigh?

The density of limestone varies from something on the order of 110 pounds per cubic foot (a shade over 1 ounce per cubic inch) to over 160 pounds per cubic foot (about 1.5 ounces per cubic inch).