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Not enough information to answer this question! anyway, It's usually not priced by the sq ft, but by the lineal ft. In Nevada for the 3 or four inch paint grade base the piece price was about 6 to 10 cents per foot. for stain grade base the price varies widely depending on the height, type of o.s. corners and many other factors. The price can vary from 6 cents per foot to well over a buck a foot.

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Q: How much per square foot to install base board moulding?
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Do you paint baseboard moulding gloss or semi gloss?

That is up to you. The more gloss a paint has in it, the easier it is to clean and the more abuse it can take. For the most part, ceilings are only flat.

How do you find the square footage of the base board in a room?

Measure the length plus the width, double that number. Take that number and multiply it by the height of the base board. That will give you the number of square inches of base. Divide the number of square inches by 144 and that will give you the square feet. There are 144 square inches in each square foot.

How much would base board cost at 1.75 per meter for a 169 square meter room?

You need the width of the base board.

How do you cope with base moulding?

I paint it first,then air-nail it on.

Where can one find a White Base cap Moulding to purchase?

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How do you install cast iron base board - Does it go in with the fin side or smooth side to the wall?

fins to wall

Do you Install base board with adhesive?

You can... typically brad nails and a bead of caulk along the top before painting will do the job.

What is the going price per square feet for doing carpenter work?

For trim around wind, doors, base board, fascia and rake board about $2 a linear ft. for labor only.

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