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One tenth = 1/10 = 10/100 = 10 per cent.

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Q: How much percent is one tenth equal to?
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Related questions

What is a tenth of 1 percent?

One tenth of one percent is equal to 0.1 percent.

What is the percentage of one tenth?

One tenth is equal to ten percent.

How much Does 10 percent save your money?

10% is equal to 0.1 or one tenth (1/10)

What is one tenth centimeter equal how much millimeter?

One tenth of a centimetre is equal to 1 millimetre.

Is 2.10 percent equal to 2 and one tenth?

No. It is 0.021

What is one tenth as percent?

one tenth as percent = 10%

How do you write one tenth of one percent in decimal format?

One hundred percent = 1.0Ten percent = 0.1One percent = 0.01So, one tenth of one percent = 0.001

What is one tenth of a percent as a fraction?

One tenth of one percent = 1/1,000

Is 7.65 percent less than a tenth of one percent?

7.65 percent is more than a tenth of one percent.

3 tenths of a percent equal what fraction of the whole?

3 tenth = 3/10 one percent = 1/100 3 tenth of a percent = (3/10) x (1/100) =3/1000 =0.003

Is 1 over 10 equivalent to 10 percent?

As long as it is 1/10 of 1, yes, this is equal to one tenth, or ten percent, of 1.

What fraction and decimal is the equivalent to 10 percent?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, ten percent is equal to 0.1.Expressed as a vulgar fraction in its lowest terms, ten percent is equal to 1/10, or one tenth.

1 million is equal to how much crore?

One crore is equal to ten million. Therefore, one million is equal to one tenth of a crore or 0.1 crore.

One tenth of a centimeter equal how much millimeter?


What is 0.001 percent?

It is one thousandth of one percent. In other words, it takes one thousand of those units to make one percent of the whole quantity.It is strange when you start combining small decimal fractions with the word percent. It might help to think of it this way. "percent" always means one hundredth, 1/100. Whatever number comes before "percent" has to be multiplied by 1/100. Five percent, or 5 percent or 5% means 5 hundredths. One tenth of a percent, or 0.1 percent, means it takes 10 of these to equal ONE PERCENT. The number 0.001 without the word percent means simply one thousandth of the whole quantity; it doesn't mean one thousandth of a percent. So 0.001 is equal to 0.1 percent; one thousandth is the same as saying one tenth of one percent.

Sum of one tenth and a hundred?

nineteen is not equal to the sum of one and one tenth of one hundred

How do you write one and one tenth as a percent?

1.1 as a percent = 110%

How do you write out 1.1 percent in words?

It is one and one tenth percent.

One tenth of an ounce is equal to how much in cup form?

One cup is 8 ounces in liquid measure. So one tablespoon would be near to one tenth of an ounce.

What does one tenth equal?

One tenth equals a 10% part of anything.

How many tenths equal a hundredth?

One tenth of a tenth.

What is one third as a percentage?

It is 33.3%, rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent.

What is tenth of a percent?

A tenth of a percent would be 0.1%, or one in a thousand (e.g., 0.1/100 = 1/1000).

How do you write out 0.1 percent in words?

One tenth percent.

What is one tenth in a percent?