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Q: How much percent of the world is land?
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How much of world is land in percent?

25 percent

How much land can be farmed in china?

Only 15 percent of the land in China is able to be cultivated. Of this land accounts for only 10 percent of the land in the world that can be cultivated.

How much land did Germany lost in world war 1?

about 14 percent

How much percent of land pollution is on earth?

water pollution is 14% in the world.

How much of the world's land surface is unaffected by humans?

either 5-50 percent

How much land is on mercury?

100% percent land

How much land takes up earth?

About 30 percent of earth is land and 70 percent is water.

why is the world covered with mostly water instead of land?

The world is mostly covered with water instead of land because of continental and oceanic crusts. The world is roughly 70 percent water and 30 percent land.

What percent of deserts are in the world?

33 percent of the land surface of the earth is desert.

What percent of the world is covered in land?

Water covers 25% of the world.

What share of the world's land area does the us hold 6.2 percent 25 percent or 1 percent?

25 percent

How much percent of land is degraded in Punjab?