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10 to 20%

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Q: How much percent off are on the Christmas sales?
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Does Alienware have Christmas sales?

They have occasional sales but it's nothing huge, their Christmas sale is probably like $100 off

How much vacation do sales engineers get monthly?

Engineers get three days off every week. In summer they get a month off, while in Christmas they get two weeks off.

What is 25 percent off of 39.99 plus 6 percent sales tax?

25 percent off of 39.99 plus 6 percent sales tax results in a final cost of $31.79

Charlie bought a 60 radio on sale at 5 percent off How much did he pay including 5 percent sales tax?

The final cost will be $59.85

How much does joanna pay for a 139 pair of boots on sale for 35 percent off with a sales tax of 6.5 percent?

The final total would be $96.22

What is 55 with 20 percent off and 6 percent on sales tax?


When do stores start marking down Christmas decorations 75 percent off?

After Christmas

How much will you pay the cashier for a candy bar that originally costs 79 cents and is now marked 15 percent off Sales tax is 5.5 percent?

0.71 or .71 (A+)

The MBT Shoes Sale can save you up to how much percent off?

Depending on the sale, an MBT shoe sale can offer a deep discount to customers interested in purchasing their brand. Some sales have 50 percent. Others as much as 70 percent while many clearances have 66 percent as a figure.

What is the sales price of 40 if the discount is 20 percent off?


Michelle found a new violin on sale at 30 percent off How much would she pay the cashier if it originally sells for 250 in a city that had no sales tax?

175.00 (A+)

How much is 25 percent off of 399.00?

How much is 25 percent off of 400.00

What is the sales price if the price is 120 and it's 40 percent off?


What is original price if sales price is 156.00 at 35 percent off?


49.99 with 25 percent off plus 5.5 percent sales tax?

The final price is $39.55

How much is twenty percent off?

twenty percent off is one fifth off

What kind of sales and discounts does Ross Simons offer?

Ross-Simons jewelers have its biggest sales and discounts with its clearance items. Those jewels and other items like watches and rings are marked down by as much as 75 percent when put on clearance. Also, stores in the Massachusetts area frequently have sales ranging from 15 to 30 percent off selected items.

What is the sales price if the price is 295 and it is 15 percent off?

The sale price will be $250.75

What is the sales price of a 130 dollar item that is 12 percent off?

114.4 USD

When will you have your next extra 30 percent off clerance sale?

WikiAnswers does not have clearance sales.

What is the sales price of 35 and 30 percent off discount?

The sale price will be $24.50

What will a 150.00 camera cost when it is on sale for 30 percent off and there is a 5 percent sales tax?

the cost of the camera is like 110.45....

What is 80 dollars on sale at 30 percent off and an 8 percent sales tax on the discounted price?

The final total will be $60.48

How much is 38 percent off?

38 percent off is 38% discount

How discounted can I find designer clothing for children at Loehmanns?

Loehmann's sells childrens clothes around fifty percent off the normal manufacturer price. They also have clearance sales. During these sales, you can get an additional 20-40 percent off. They also provide coupons frequently.