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about 57%

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โˆ™ 2012-10-09 16:23:16
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Q: How much percentage do people survive by skin cancer?
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What are the survival rates for colon cancer?

It is possible to survive colon cancer. Cases that are diagnosed early have a much better 5 year survival rate. This is why it is recommended that people get colonoscopies periodically.

How much percent of people survive the surgeries?

99.9 dont survive

How does a man with breast cancer survive?

While breast cancer is much more prevalent in women than in men, it must be noted that the survival rate is similar between both sexes of people diagnosed with the disease. In any case, breast cancer must be treated by a doctor.

How much people has cancer in the UK?

About 20,000 people were diagnosed in 2010

How do people get cancer?

cancer.....there is alot of ways people get cancer. like sitting in the sun to much, smoking,drugs,and more. there are more than 200 ways you can get cancer just be aware of what you do.

Are phones giving people cancer?

Yep they can give you cancer if you use them too much.......they give out some rays that can cause cancer

Why do people get cancer?

There are varities of Cancer..People get cancer because sometime the body functions might stop working and the part will be dead and the other reason is that you can get cancer from drinking too much alcohol that will cause kidney failure and also if you smoke you can get lung cancer.

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How much people die from cancer each year?

over 3 mill

What does cancer cells need to survive?

I actually read (from the Harvard Medical School website) that cancer cells rely on normal, healthy genes and cells as much as they rely on mutated ones. Also, they can only survive if the cell that they are living in is low on oxygen. Just like we need oxygen to survive (that's why we can't survive on Mars, people!!!) cancer cells need low oxygen to survive... Addendum: While irreverently stated, the above author was quite correct. A cancer cell is ultimately has the same needs as any other cell which primarily consist primarily of oxygen and other nutrients delivered by the blood. For this reason, tumors are often associated with angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels as tumors that are unable to receive adequite nutrients cannot grow).

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