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You can't say 'pressure per square inch. It's just 'pressure', which equals force per square inch. You divide the person's weight by the area of the foot in contact with the stairs to get the answer.

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Q: How much pressure per square inch is on human foot when going down stairs?
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What pressure does a human bite have per square inch?

120 pounds

Pressure inside human body?

The air pressure inside a human body is roughly equivalent to the pressure of the atmosphere. Normal air pressure is about 13.7 pounds per square inch at sea level.

How many pounds of pressure are in a human sneeze?

Human sneeze has very high pressure in sneeze. Probably it should go in hundreds of pounds per square inch.

What has more jaw pressure dog or human?

Some dogs can exert more than 500 pounds per square inch of jaw pressure, which is beyond the ability of any human.

How much pressure can a 140 pound human exert with its teeth?

780 psi per square cm

How many pound of pressure per square inch does it take to break the average human spine?


How any pounds of pressure does it take to break a human neck?

It takes 15 psi (pounds per square inch) to break both, human neck and skull.

Where do human falls occur often?

Stairs, Bathrooms and getting out of cars.

How many pounds of pressure is put on the human spine while in the earths atmosphere?

The weight of the atmosphere (which is about 14.5038 pounds per square inch) does not put any pressure on the human spine (the spine is not directly supporting this load form the top of you head to the ground - the pressure is all round you).

What is the jaw pressure of a lion?

The jaw pressure of a African lion bite is rated at about 600 pounds per square inch. By comparison, a human bite is about 120 pounds per square inch.A Lions bite force is approximately 700 lbs

How much air is pressing on the human body?

The atmospheric pressure at sea level is 14.7 pounds per square inch (14.7 psi)

What is the bite pressure for a hyena?

1,000 lbs of pressure per square inch. That's compared to 120 for a human, 320 for large dogs such as German Shepherds, 600 for a lion, and 2,500 for a crocodile.

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