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Q: How much sand for 1000 100mm blocks?
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How much lime sand is needed for 720 bricks?

1000 km

Is there different blokes in Minecraft?

Yes there is from wood blocks to sand blocks

How do you create create glass in Minecraft?

Blocks of Glass can be made by smelting blocks of Sand.

How do you make a clay horse in minecraft?

Need Soul sand and clay blocks. Put the Soul sand on top the clay blocks

How much sand can a gallon of water hold?

Approximately 15 pounds of sand can be suspended in a gallon of water, but this can vary depending on the type of sand and the density of the water.

What are the famous Egyptian pyramids?

They are blocks of pointy sand.

How do you get burns out of butcher blocks?

only way to get burns out is to sand them out!

How many kilograms of sand make one ton of sand?


How do you break the sand in Littlebigplanet PSP get the hump?

What you do is you face the block of sand(if it is under you hold down) then press R and it will disappear in a cloud of sand. You cannot do this for the white sand blocks.

What the three main parts of the pyramid blocks?

sand, mud, and water

Is sand mixed with mortar mix for laying concrete blocks?

Not just any sand. Mortar sand. Mortar sand is a larger grain sand that has been washed and screened to remove any rocks or pebbles.

Why didn't the egyptians use sand instead of stone blocks?

It is because Egyptians were smart enough to make stone blocks. But even if they used sand, it would be destroyed by the next day because of natural forces.